Wood Fibers and Bioplastic


Bioplastic with recycled wood fibers; It brings together the power of nature and human creativity. Recycled wood fibers not only contribute to the reduction of waste, but also add organic elegance to our products. The naturalness and warmth of wood and the environmentally friendly properties of bioplastic material meet with a contemporary aesthetic. While each product is inspired by natural resources, it also dazzles with its unique designs. The combination of these materials represents an important step towards a sustainable environment.

The serenity of the sea and the warmth of natural materials, people's daily
in unique and environmentally friendly products that they can use in their lives
meets. This unity not only offers a visual aesthetic, but also
It also celebrates the elegance and richness of nature.


These vases, brought to life with a 3D printer, offer a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Reducing Plastic Waste and Supporting the Circular Economy

Bioplastic materials obtained from natural sources, vases and
It is environmentally friendly by using it in the production of household items such as flower pots.
offers options. These products, in addition to their aesthetics, are rich in natural resources.
It also contributes to its protection.